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Musical instruments for sale to dealers with a tax id. Wholesale music warehouse USA connects your music instrument business with over 75 huge wholesale music instrument distributors. This is not a public musical instrument offer. The master wholesale music instrument suppliers we work closely with supply music gear such as acoustic guitar accessories, electric guitar, drum instruments, les paul style guitars, trombone instruments, acoustic musical instruments, electric musical instruments and much more. Unless your company attends the annual music instruments wholesale trade shows, it is very difficult to locate the actual "behind the scenes" real business to business wholesale musical equipment and music instrument master multi-line distributors and/or music instrument drop shippers. In the USA there are only around 75 real multi product line wholesale distributors for musical instruments and music accessories. Not only do we give your music company access to our confidential musical distributor portal, but more importantly - we actually connect you directly with the music gear distributor. Buy musical instruments on sale from the wholesale distributors by receiving monthly below wholesale specials via email from the master Drop Shipping distributors directly. We get your music company connected by contacting our group of musical equipment wholesalers for you within 24 hours during normal business hours. You simply sit back and let the music instrument wholesale catalogs stream in. As a bonus, we also contact a couple hundred music gear manufacturers for you as well. 

If you need music instrument brand banners, promotional posters, literature, display systems for acoustic / electric guitars, or counter top point of purchase racks We will ask the music instrument manufacturers and music gear distributors to send your music company free promotional items for your brick and mortar music store. Buy musical instruments wholesale from trusted experienced wholesalers. Many of the music gear wholesalers we work closely with have been in business for 20 years or more.

Drum Instruments are a large part of the music instrument "for sale" product offering. Wholesale musical instruments are for sale and readily available. There are also many fantastic brands that are a bit more expensive. Buy musical instruments direct from the master importer and suppliers if you have at least a valid tax id or local business license. Music store instruments are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drum instrument, musical instruments recorder, acoustic guitar accessories, buy electric guitars by many great brand names. Les Paul style guitars are very popular. Also, Fender body style guitars, flying v, SG, Cutaway, acoustic/electric and more. Instruments trombone and band equipment are also readily available for resale in your music store. More and moe people are buying musical instruments. Schools, Universities, Music Teachers, Music Instrument Rentals, are all great ways to move your music gear inventory. Buy wholesale. Drop Shipping wholesale music equipment suppliers are also available. drop shippers stock the music products in large quantities and pack and ship your daily orders directly to your music gear customer. No need to inventory musical instruments at your location. Acoustic musical instruments are very popular and selling very well. Electric musical instruments are also equally as popular and profitable. USA wholesale dropshipper warehouses are located in strategic locations to maximize faster shipments to your music customers. drop shippers provide quality music instruments at dealer cost. There are also liquidation wholesalers available to supply your music company with well below wholesale prices. Liquidation wholesale is a great way to increase your music companies net profits. Liquidation wholesale warehouses are located in the USA to minimize shipping costs. Many of our wholesale music retail members have great success selling at the local flea markets and swap meets. Liquidation wholesalers are great to buy from if you are selling at the flea market or swap meet. Buy musical instruments well below wholesale from liquidation wholesalers here in the USA. Your net profits will also increase when you buy from local wholesale music instrument distributors. Once you are a member with us, we will have real distributors contact your company directly within just 24 hours. (during normal business hours) Acoustic guitar accessories, great buys on acoustic guitars,

electric guitars, Wholesale musical instruments, drum instruments, les paul syle electric guitar, trombone instrument, musical instrument recorders, music store instruments are all available to licensed resellers with a valid tax id. or local business license. Wholesale to music trade only.  




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Find the right connection for you business. Find the secret master wholesalers that big retail doesn't want you to know about. Here at Wholesale Music Club, we are dedicated to finding and getting you the Master drop shippers, Master Wholesalers, and Master Manufacturers for the musical instrument industry. Our staff has a combines 35+ years in the wholesale industry. We KNOW who is who and what companies can provide real wholesale products at real wholesale prices. Find the rock bottom prices for your business. This is where Wholesale Music Club can help. We do not just find them for you, we contact them on your behalf and plug you directly. Once you become a member, you will begin to receive calls from master wholesalers within days. Running a business is hard, and to have the wholesalers come to you is just one of many advantages that Wholesale Music Club offers. To find out more about our membership program Call 951-319-8485. Talk to a real Wholesale Rep with the club to find out how Wholesale Music Club can improve your chances of dialing into the MASTER WHOLESALE DROPSHIP SUPPLIERS.


PZ4PK Planet Z 4 Cymbal Set-Up Pack Zildjian
PA14PR Planet Z 14" HiHat Cymbal Pair Zildjian
PZ20R Planet Z 20" Ride Cymbals Zildjian
PZ18CR Planet Z 18" Crash Ride Cymbals Zildjian
PZ16C Planet Z 16" Crash Cymbals Zildjian
P0800 Zildjian Survival Kit Assorted Felts, Wahsers, Sleeves, Snare Strings, Keychains, Gloves, Etc... Zildjian
T3223 Zildjian Trucker Cap Zildjian
PZ1418 Planet Z 3 Cymbal Set-Up Pack Zildjian

Dealers & licensed re-sellers, & online stores...Get Connected with Over 120 real musical instrument wholesale distributors, including key manufacturers with HUGE warehouses full of music equipment by all the top brands. Over 400 musical product manufacturers.

Brands, Brands and More Brands....

65corp    65amps 65London 65pedals  
A1    A2 A2.2 A3.2 A4.2
Access Bags and Cases           
Access Virus    Virus Powercore Indigo TDM    
Accord Carbon Fiber Cases           
Ace    August Hoffman Daesung Granart  
Ace Sonic    Vocopro Audio 2000 RJ Tech API
Acoustic Guitar Magazine    Acoustic Guitar Lesson Books Acoustic Guitar Song Books Backstage Books  
Adam Audio           
ADAT    Fusion Firewire Multimixers XGuitar Alesis
AdGlo    AdView      
ADK Microhones    ADK Custom Shop Project G Microphones    
ADK Microphones    Galaxy Audio OAP Audio MacPherson Loudspeakers E-Pad
Adler Guitars and Basses           
Admira    Ritmo      
AEM 100           
AER Acoustic Amps           
Afromart Killmanjaro Djembe    Afromart Mara Djembe Afromart Akosombo Djembe Afromart Serengeti Djembe Afromart Ashanti Djembe
AHEAD Drumsticks    AHEAD Drummers Glove AHEAD Mallats    
AHEAD Drumsticks    Drumdial Xymax Metrophone Protection Racket
AKAI Professional    MPC MPD16    
AL    KingO Kmusic Drummax  
Albert's Mini Pins    Keychains Jewelry Music Furniture Totebags
Alchemy    Skullbusters Blue Steel Signature Series Nickel Steel SLP
Alesis    Allen & Heath Audio Technica BBE Behringer
Alfred's Basic Piano Library    Music For Little Mozarts Basix Learn to Play Essentials of Music Theory
Alhambra    Cuenca      
Alien Apparatus    Solo Performer Show Controller      
Allen & Heath           
Almansa Guitars           
AMA Verlag    Neue Musik Edition Margaux Kreuzberg Records  
Amati    Cerveny      
American DJ    American Audio Startec Antari America    
American Recorder    Arctic Snakeskin Regrip Custom Pro
American Vintage Series    Americana Series Saddlebrooke Series Safe & Sound Series Builders Series
AMT    Roam Elite M40 HotRod  
ANFREE    Greatmind      
Antigua    Antigua Winds Eldon Band Instruments    
Anvil Cases    Anvil Wraps      
Apogee    Wyde-Eye      
Aquarian Drumheads    Cymbal Springs Power Thin Heads Studio Rings
Aria    Aria Pro II AP Sinsonido D'Aquisto
Arioso    ASB-101 ASB-101T ASA-105 ASC-105
Arriba Case           
ART    ALTO ARTcessories APEX  
Art Strings Greeting Cards    Art Prints      
Ary France    Musicary Hybrid Bow    
Ashdown Engineering/ Hayden           
Aslin Dane    Catalyst Instruments      
Aubert    De Luxe Aubert a Mirecourt France      
Audient    LA Audio Thermionic Culture ResoAudiotronics WK Audio
Audix    Micros Wireless Fusions    
August Forster           
Aura    Loudbox Performer Loudbox Pro Matrix Rare Earth
AV Link           
AV-Jefe    AV-Leader      
Avlex    Mipro Superlux
B&C Speakers           
B.C. Rich           
B-2 Guitars    B-2P Guitars K-4 Guitars K-4P Guitars  
B-52    Storm Ecstasy Bass-Bomber  
Babbitt    Meyer Otto-Link Guy Hawkins Wolfe Tayne
Babicz Guitars    Babicz Identity Series Babicz Octane    
Bad Cat    Moollon      
Bag End           
Baldwin    Wurlitzer Hamilton Howard D.H. Baldwin
Bam Cases           
Barker Bass           
Baron Engraving    Baron Art Studio      
Beacon Music    Bernard Stein Music Joel Rothman 10 Easy Lessons Series Carl Fischer Rack Sense
Beato Drumbags    Beato Orchestra Covers Beato Dust Covers Beato Gong Covers Beato Combo Bags
BeBop Instruments    Anton Breton Violins      
Bee Basses           
Bell    Ketron Baffetti Music-Tech  
Berklee Press    Berkleemusic.com      
Best Service    Audio Adventures East West Zero-G Yellow Tools
BG: Ligatures    BG: Straps BG: Swabs BG: Stands BG: Mouthpieces
Big Fish Audio    e-Lab London Series Prosonus Tekniks
Bluthner    Haessier Irmler Breitmann  
Body Glov    FXpansion Electrix    
Bogner Amps and Speaker Enclosures           
Bohemia Piano    Hofmann & Czerny      
Bosphorus Cymbals           
Brady Drums           
Breedlove Guitars    Breedlove Mandolins Breedlove Atlas Series Breedlove Synergy System Breedlove Extraordinary Experience
BSX Basses           
Buffet    Keilwerth      
Burns    Burns London Burns USA TriSonic Rez-o-tube
CAD Professional Microphones           
Calicchio Musical Instruments    Sound Back Williams Trombones    
California Guitars           
Calzone Cases           
Canopus    Zelkova Beato    
Canvas Guitars    Falcone George Steck Hobart M. Cable S-101 Guitars
Carborods    Carbosticks Carbomallets    
Carl Fischer Music    Theodore Presser Bleecker St Records    
Carter-Starter    Carter Steel Guitars Magnum ProSelect Carter Volume Pedal  
Casecore    Coffincase Black Kross    
Cavallaro    Small Dog Case Covers      
Cawboy    Org      
Ce-ance    Bar      
Chandler Limited           
Chauvet    Legend Gyro    
Chonwoo    Baxus Bamboo Country Turtle Cover the World
Chopper    MegaWah      
Christino    Everjoy      
Christopher Bass and Cello    Concord Case      
Claude Lakey Saxophone and Clarinet Mouthpieces           
Clear Coat    Color Coat Rainbow Strings    
Clearsonic Panel    Sorber      
Cleartone    Star Picks B-52's    
Clevinger Bassic    Clevinger Deluxe Clevinger Opus Clevinger Concerto Clevinger Bennett
Climb    Shimwoo      
ColoRiffic Pickguards    ColoRiffic Home Decor      
Cort    Parkwood      
Cotech Lighting Filters           
Countryman    Isomax E6 Earset    
Crafter Guitars    Cruiser by Crafter Ashland by Crafter    
Craviotto Solid Shell Snares and Kits           
Creation Audio Labs           
Crybaby    MXR Univibe Trigger Victor
Curt Mangan    Fusion Matched      
Custom "Rock" Formula    Balanced Tone PHB Bright Tone BR Series Performance Series Classicals Power Bunch Formula
Custom Pick Clocks    Clix Clocks      
D'Addario Guitar and Bass Strings           
Dad-M100 Pro    Cascade Series Modular Digital Amps APS Digital Amps and Power Supply    
Dae Huan           
Daisy Rock Electric    Stardust Series Retro H Elite Daisy Artist
Dalyan    Wisemann Young Force D&Y
D'Andrea USA    Snarling Dogs Brain Picks Emerald Guitars Display & Play Cases
darkblue    bluestar      
DB Series Electronics    AG Series Electronics GS Series Cabinets S Series Cabinets OBP Series Preamps
dB Technologies           
DCI    Summer Music Games DCI Today DCI.org  
Dean Guitars    Luna Guitars Playmate    
Decotop Furniture           
Deepfer    C Wejman Elektron Future Rettro Manikin
Deering    Vega Tenbrooks Goodtime  
Dell'Arte    Dell'Arte Strings Bigtone Pickups Dugain Picks Manoucite Guitars
Delta Wing Guitar           
DeMars Guitars    Viidis 6-String Guitar Long Trail 4-String Bass Guitar    
Demonizer    Womanizer Solarizer Polarizer Glass Nexus
Denon DJ           
Digilcon-Integrated Console    ProTools HD Systems ProTools LE Systems Digidelivery
DiMarzio Pickups    ClipLock Guitar Straps DiMarzio Pro Parts DiMarzio Cables  
Dinosaur Amps    Eleca Amps Eleca Guitars California Amps  
DiPinto Brand Guitars and Basses           
Disc Makers       



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