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Musical instruments for sale to dealers with a tax id. Wholesale music warehouse USA connects your music instrument business with over 75 huge wholesale music instrument distributors. This is not a public musical instrument offer. The master wholesale music instrument suppliers we work closely with supply music gear such as acoustic guitar accessories, electric guitar, drum instruments, les paul style guitars, trombone instruments, acoustic musical instruments, electric musical instruments and much more. Unless your company attends the annual music instruments wholesale trade shows, it is very difficult to locate the actual "behind the scenes" real business to business wholesale musical equipment and music instrument master multi-line distributors and/or music instrument drop shippers. In the USA there are only around 75 real multi product line wholesale distributors for musical instruments and music accessories. Not only do we give your music company access to our confidential musical distributor portal, but more importantly - we actually connect you directly with the music gear distributor. Buy musical instruments on sale from the wholesale distributors by receiving monthly below wholesale specials via email from the master Drop Shipping distributors directly. We get your music company connected by contacting our group of musical equipment wholesalers for you within 24 hours during normal business hours. You simply sit back and let the music instrument wholesale catalogs stream in. As a bonus, we also contact a couple hundred music gear manufacturers for you as well. 

If you need music instrument brand banners, promotional posters, literature, display systems for acoustic / electric guitars, or counter top point of purchase racks We will ask the music instrument manufacturers and music gear distributors to send your music company free promotional items for your brick and mortar music store. Buy musical instruments wholesale from trusted experienced wholesalers. Many of the music gear wholesalers we work closely with have been in business for 20 years or more.

Drum Instruments are a large part of the music instrument "for sale" product offering. Wholesale musical instruments are for sale and readily available. There are also many fantastic brands that are a bit more expensive. Buy musical instruments direct from the master importer and suppliers if you have at least a valid tax id or local business license. Music store instruments are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drum instrument, musical instruments recorder, acoustic guitar accessories, buy electric guitars by many great brand names. Les Paul style guitars are very popular. Also, Fender body style guitars, flying v, SG, Cutaway, acoustic/electric and more. Instruments trombone and band equipment are also readily available for resale in your music store. More and moe people are buying musical instruments. Schools, Universities, Music Teachers, Music Instrument Rentals, are all great ways to move your music gear inventory. Buy wholesale. Drop Shipping wholesale music equipment suppliers are also available. drop shippers stock the music products in large quantities and pack and ship your daily orders directly to your music gear customer. No need to inventory musical instruments at your location. Acoustic musical instruments are very popular and selling very well. Electric musical instruments are also equally as popular and profitable. USA wholesale dropshipper warehouses are located in strategic locations to maximize faster shipments to your music customers. drop shippers provide quality music instruments at dealer cost. There are also liquidation wholesalers available to supply your music company with well below wholesale prices. Liquidation wholesale is a great way to increase your music companies net profits. Liquidation wholesale warehouses are located in the USA to minimize shipping costs. Many of our wholesale music retail members have great success selling at the local flea markets and swap meets. Liquidation wholesalers are great to buy from if you are selling at the flea market or swap meet. Buy musical instruments well below wholesale from liquidation wholesalers here in the USA. Your net profits will also increase when you buy from local wholesale music instrument distributors. Once you are a member with us, we will have real distributors contact your company directly within just 24 hours. (during normal business hours) Acoustic guitar accessories, great buys on acoustic guitars,

electric guitars, Wholesale musical instruments, drum instruments, les paul syle electric guitar, trombone instrument, musical instrument recorders, music store instruments are all available to licensed resellers with a valid tax id. or local business license. Wholesale to music trade only.  





Network for Good  |  951-319-8485

Find the right connection for you business. Find the secret master wholesalers that big retail doesn't want you to know about. Here at Wholesale Music Club, we are dedicated to finding and getting you the Master drop shippers, Master Wholesalers, and Master Manufacturers for the musical instrument industry. Our staff has a combines 35+ years in the wholesale industry. We KNOW who is who and what companies can provide real wholesale products at real wholesale prices. Find the rock bottom prices for your business. This is where Wholesale Music Club can help. We do not just find them for you, we contact them on your behalf and plug you directly. Once you become a member, you will begin to receive calls from master wholesalers within days. Running a business is hard, and to have the wholesalers come to you is just one of many advantages that Wholesale Music Club offers. To find out more about our membership program Call 951-319-8485. Talk to a real Wholesale Rep with the club to find out how Wholesale Music Club can improve your chances of dialing into the MASTER WHOLESALE DROPSHIP SUPPLIERS.


Over 100 major instrument multi-line musical instrument wholesalers. Imagine the possibilities. We ask for confidential wholesale catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. We also ask for free samples, displays, catalogs on cd, free literature, and any promotional items like posters and banners. Incredible! "Now you have a real chance at building your own musical instrument retail business".

     Real Wholesale Warehouses Do Not Advertise On Search Engines. You Must Visit The Annual Musical Instrument Trade Shows Or Join Wholesale Music Warehouse Club In Order To Uncover Them.

     Membership With Wholesale Music Warehouse Club includes all of the benefits listed here. Your company instantly uncovers the lowest wholesale prices, better brand names, faster shipping, amazing customer support, drop-shipping services,  download product images & data files for use on your web store, contact multiple wholesale musical instrument warehouses at once.  Achieve the purchasing power your company needs to be successful. All for much less than attending the music industry trade shows! We supply 1,000 products directly!

Our confidential "Behind The Scenes" master-distributors are located through wholesale B2B Drop Ship trade shows from across the U.S.A. The public is not allowed @ these wholesale shows. The wholesale music warehouse club is only available to licensed re-sellers. Need help getting licensed? Contact wholesale music warehouse club USA 951-319-8485
. You can start a business of your own for less than you might think. There is still good profit margins with musical instruments. Start making good money selling something you know and love.


QF413 Quik Lok Electric Guitar Hanger Quik Lok
QF410 Quik Lok Acoustic Guitar Hanger Quik Lok
QF51 Quik Lok Guitar Diplay Stand Column Quik Lok
  Full-Size Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar- Satin Natural Abilene
Ad10CBL Full-Size Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar- Cobalt Blue Abilene
PU100 Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole Pickup Abilene
420 2" Leather Guitar Straps 420BK- Black 420BR- Brown 420TN- Tan Ace Leather
435 3.5" Leather Straps 435BK- Black 435BR- Brown 435TN- Tan Ace Leather
M713 Standard Size Acoustic Guitar Alpine
K55 1/2 Size Acoustic Guitar Alpine
K55CB Full Color P-O-P Gift Boxed, 1/2 Size Acoustic Guitar Alpine
M711 3/4 Size Student Guitar Alpine
GC391 Classical Acoustic Guitar Alpine
GA100 Concert Size Acoustic Guitar- Natural Alpine
GA202CN Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar- Gloss Finish Alpine
GA202TBL Dreadnought Size Acoustic Guitar GA202TBL- Transparent Blue GA202TRD- Transparent Red Alpine
GA202 Dreadnought Size Acoustic Guitar GA202- Natural Gloss GA202BK- Black Alpine
CVT-2030 Hibrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier Pure class "A" hybrid vacuum tube and MOSFET amplifier design 30 watts of high current class "A" power Warm and natural sound Bridgable 13 1/2" W x 3 1/2" H x 9" D AMC
CVT-3040 Class "A" 30 Watts Per Channel Tube Integrated Amplifier Combines solid state and vacuum tube technology for incredible sound Gold-plated jacks Built-in phone stage Pure class "A" pre-amp and amplifier in one chassis AMC
Style O Single Cone Resonator 19 frets joined at 14th fret Neck is 45 mm at nut and 55 mm at 12th fret Grover/Gotch tuners Amistar
SPE-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Parametric E.Q. Arion
HW-02 Guitar Effects Hot Watt Arion
MWR-01 Guitar Effects Metal Worker Arion
HU-8700 8 Octave Chromatic Arion
HU-8500 Stage Tuner Arion
HU-8400 Chromatic Arion
MEQ-2 Bass Effects Bass EQ Arion
MFL-2 Bass Effects Bass Flanger Arion
SMM-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Metal Master Arion
SDI-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Distortion Arion
MEQ-1 Guitar Effects Graphic Equalizer Arion
SAD-3 Guitar Effects Stereo Delay Arion
MMP-1 Guitar Effects Metal Plus Arion
SFL-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Flanger Arion
SOD-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Over Drive Arion
SCO-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Compressor Arion
SPH-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Phaser Arion
SRV-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Reverb Arion
MOC-1 Guitar Effects Octave Arion
MDI-1 Guitar Effects Tube Mania Arion
SCH-1 Guitar Effects Stereo Chorus Arion
ATR55 Telemike Unidirectional Condenser Microphone Two condenser mics in one "Normal" for close and medium distance recording "Tele" for long distance pickup Integrated 3 ft cable terminated with 3.5mm mini plug Camera-mount, pistol-grip/mike stand clamp, foam windscreen, battery and 1/4" phone plug adapter included Atus
ATR25 Stereo Condenser Video/Recording Microphone Offers the convenience of high quality stereo pickup in a single microphone Professional condenser circuitry ensures excellent sound quality On/off switch for convenient operation Includes short camera cable with stereo mini plug, and long recording cable with dual mono mini plugs and 1/4" adapters Camera mount and interchangeable microphone stand adapter included Atus
ATR35s Omnidirectional Lavlier Microphone High-quality condenser in a mini lavalier mic Ideal for aerobics/dance/sports-instructors Great for video use, this "newscasterstyle" mic is practically invisible Intergrated 20ft cable terminated with a 3.5mm mini plug for use with most cameras and home recording systems On/off switch for convenient operation Includes tie clip, battery, foam windscreen and 1/4" adapter Atus
ATR40 Professional Vocal/Instrument Microphone Rugged metal construction, with special soft-to-touch paint Well-suited for on-stage Unidirectional polar pattern reduces pickup of undesired off-axis sounds Includes detachable 16 1/2 ft XLR-type-to-1/4" cable and stand clamp Atus
ATW201G ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T201 Transmitter, and Hi-Z instrument input cable Audio-Technica
ATR30 Professional Vocal/Instrument Microphone Audio-Technica
ATR20 Vocal/ Instrument Microphone Audio-Technica
ATR50 Professional Vocal/Instrument Microphone Audio-Technica
ART25 Stereo Condenser Video/Recording Microphone Audio-Technica
AT8314-20 20 Foot XLR Mic Cable Audio-Technica
ATW201H ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T201 Transmitter and PRO 8HEcW headworn microphone Audio-Technica
ATW201L ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T201 Transmitter and AT829cW Lavalier Microphone Audio-Technica
ATW202 ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T202 Handheld Microphone/Transmitter Audio-Technica
CBLDR25 Rubber Jacketed 3 Conductor Mic Cable Audix
CBL20 Rubber Jacketed 3 Conductor Mic Cable Audix
OM2 Audix OM-Series All Purpose Vocal Microphone Audix
REDLABEL Reb Label Guitar Strings Augustine
BLUELABEL Blue Label Guitar Strings Augustine
BLACKLABEL Black Label Guitar Strings Augustine
GOLDLABEL Gold Label Guitar Strings Augustine
IMPERIALBLUE Imperial Blue Guitar Strings Augustine
IMPERIALRED Imperial Red Guitar Strings Augustine
2PKM Medium Size Electric Bass Guitar 2PKMB- Black 2PKMR- Red 2PKML- Blue 2PKMSB- Sunburst B.A. Starr
BA30 1/2 Size Children's Electric Guitar BA30BK- Black BA30RD- Red BA30BL- Blue BA30TSB- Tobacco Sunburst B.A. Starr
BA30P 1/2 Size Children's Electric Guitar with Amplifier and Accessories BA30PBK- Black BA30PRD- Red B.A. Starr
50394370 Teach Yourself Piano by Dick Bennett Bernard Stein Music Co.
N719 Violin Full Size Black Diamond
N734L 5 String Banjo Black Diamond
N754L Acoustic Light Black Diamond
N168B Classic Ball End Black Diamond
N68B Classical Acoustic Guitar Strings Black Diamond Strings
NS100 2" Nylon Guitar Straps Black Diamond Strings
NS120 2" Woven Guitar Straps Black Diamond Strings
N477 Electric Black Coated Strings N477XLB- Extra light N477LB- Light N477MB- Medium Black Diamond Strings
N477X Electric Nickel Wound Strings N477XSL- Extra super light N477XL- Extra light Black Diamond Strings
GM220G Open Gear Machine Heads Black Diamond Strings
GM22 Universal Plank Head Black Diamond Strings
GM2P Individual Machine Head Black Diamond Strings
SWK Strat Style White Knobs Black Diamond Strings
GTA1 Tremolo Arm Black Diamond Strings
N600 Phospher Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings N600L- Light N600M- Medium Black Diamond Strings
011P 12-Packs of Single Replacement Strings Black Diamond Strings
GMB Acoustic Premium Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings GMB12 (Light) GMB13 (Medium) Black Diamond Strings
H40 Electric Bass Strings Black Diamond Strings
N719 Violin Strings Black Diamond Strings
N762 Mandolin Strings Black Diamond Strings
N734 12 Banjo Strings Black Diamond Strings
N168B Folk Acoustic Guitar Strings Black Diamond Strings
N68 Classical Acoustic Guitar Strings Black Diamond Strings
N754 Silver Plated Acoustic Guitar Strings N754XL- Extra light N754L- Light N754M- Medium Black Diamond Strings
013P 12-Packs of Single Replacement Strings Black Diamond Strings
009P 12-Packs of Single Replacement Strings Black Diamond Strings
23710000003 10 Watt Guitar Amplifier with 6" Speaker and Distortion Brand X
23715000003 15 Watt Guitar Amplifier with 8" Speaker and Reverb Brand X
2375000000 25 Watt Bass Amplifier with 8" Speaker Brand X
2372500000 25 Watt Guitar Amplifier with 10" Speaker and Reverb Brand X
ACH Cymbal Display Hanger ACH12- 12" Cymbal Hook ACH18- 18" Cymbal Hook ACH20- 20" Cymbal Hook Camber
C-9300X 14" Hi-Hats (pr), 16" Crash, and 18" Crash Ride Brass Cymbals Camber
C4004X 3 Piece Brass Cymbal Package Camber
C4006X 4 Piece Brass Cymbal Freelance PrePack Camber
C-0320 20" Ride Brass Cymbals Camber
C-0318 18" Crash Ride Brass Cymbals Camber
C-0316 16" Crash Brass Cymbals Camber
C-300MP 14" Hi-Hats (pair) Brass Cymbals Camber
CCS21 15-20" Camber Cymbal Bag Camber
CCMB02 22" MAX Camber Cymbal Bag Camber
C4000X 4 Piece Brass Cymbal Freelance Prepack Camber
CST6 6" Chrome Plated Steel Student Triangle Camber
CJHBR Brass Jingle Hat Camber
CCS15 12-15" Camber Cymbal Bag Camber
CCS18 16-18" Camber Cymbal Bag Camber
CCA402 24 Strand Brass Bar Chimes Camber
CTK-531 5 Octave Full Size Keyboard with Blacklit LCD, MIDI, and Song Bank 61 full size keys, 16 note polyphonic. 100 PCM tones. 100 rhythm patterns. 100 songs. Selections and status of tone, rhythm, song, volume, melody off and tempo. On screen music staff and finger icons. Transpose and tuning control. Multi bimbral. Velocity sensitive over MIDI input. Sustain pedal jack. 2 built in speakers, 1/4" stereo linout/headphone jack. Operates on D Batteries or AD-5 AC adapter. Casio
CPS-7 76 Note Digital Piano 76 Full size keys, 24 note polyphonic, 5 preset tones, piano 1 and 2, electric piano, pipe organ, strings. Tone layering capability. 5 demo songs, transpose and tuning control, MIDI in/out jacks, sustain pedal jack, lineout/headphone jack. Operates on 6 D batteries or optional AD-12 AC adapter. Casio
WK-1200 6-Octave Touch Sensitive Keyboard with Backlit LCD and General MIDI 73 full size keys, 24-note polyphonic, 192 tones, 128 general MIDI+ 32 perset synth tones+32 user synth tones. Synthesizer function lets you create and store your own sounds. 100 rhythm patterns and 100 free sessions (auto chord progression). 2 song/6 track memory, real time or editable step time, 6 drum pads. Pitch bend whell, MIDI in/out jacks, 16 part multi timbral, transpose and tuning control. 2 built in speakers. 1/4" stereo linout/headphone jack. 5W+5W audio system. Operates on D batteries or optional AD-12 AC adapter. Casio
CTK-520L Full Size Keyboard with Lighted Keys and 3-Step Teaching System 61 Full size illuminated keys. 12 note polyphonic. 100 PCM tones. 50 Rhythem patterns. 3 Digit LED Display. 2 built-in speakers: Line out/Headphone jack. Operates on AA batteries or optional AD-5 AC adapter. Casio
CPS-85 88-Note Digital Piano 88 Full size keys and a medium weighted spring aided action. Featuring 10 sounds and layering capability. This "Touch Sensitive" keyboard has digital reverb, a 3-song single track, real time memory, 10 sounds and MIDI IN/OUT, and is 8 part Multi Timbral. 2 Stereo speakers are housed in a beautiful cabinet that includes a fully intergrated wood stand, an SP-2 sustain pedal and is AC/DC powered by a AD-12 AC adapter (included) or 6 D batteries (not included) Casio
CVT-15PIA In-Line RF Amplifier Provides gain to signal in long coax cable runs Power injected down the coax 40 MHz1 GHz with 5 MHz42 MHz return path 15dB power gain Channel Vision
C-0315 15 dB RF Amplifier Increases strength of incoming cable or antenna signal for distribution of signal to longer distances and more outputs Bi-directional amplifiers with DC/IR passing 542 MHz return path, 541000 MHz forward path Channel Vision
C-0314 8 dB RF Amplifier Increases strength of incoming cable or antenna signal for distribution of signal to longer distances and more outputs Bi-directional amplifiers with DC/IR passing 542 MHz return path, 541000 MHz forward path Channel Vision
C-0310 RF Amplifiers Boosts incoming cable or antenna signal for distribution of signal over long distances and multiple outputs Bi-directional amplifiers with DC/IR passing 542 MHz return path, 541000 MHz forward path Channel Vision
CMP22 High Performance Dynamic Microphone Coby
SC204Q-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 16 mic inputs and 4-1/4" returns Conquest
SC284Q-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 24 mic inputs and 4-1/4" returns Conquest USA
SC124Q-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 8 mic inputs and 4-1/4" returns Conquest USA
SC124X-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 8 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC124Q-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 8 mic inputs, 4-1/4" returns Conquest USA
SC124X-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 8 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC164Q-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 12 mic inputs and 4-1/4" inputs Conquest USA
SC284X-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 24 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC164Q-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 12 mic inputs and 4-1/4" returns Conquest USA
SC164X-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 12 mic inputs, 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC204Q-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 16 mic inputs and 4-1/4" returns Conquest USA
SC204X-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 16 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC204X-150 150' Multicable Audio Snake 16 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC284X-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 24 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC164X-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 12 mic inputs and 4-LoZ returns Conquest USA
SC284Q-100 100' Multicable Audio Snake 24 mic inputs and 4-1/4" returns Conquest USA
XL125 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Super/Reg. (.009-.046) D'Addario
XL120+ Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Extra Light Plus (.0095-.044) D'Addario
XL115 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Jazz/Rock (.011-.049) D'Addario
XL150 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- 12 Str. Super Light (.010-.046) D'Addario
XL140 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Extra Light/Heavy (.010-.052) D'Addario
XL130 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Super Light D'Addario
XL120 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Extra Light D'Addario
XL115W Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Jazz/ Rock Wound 3rd (.011-.049) D'Addario
XL110W Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Light/ Wound 3rd (.010-.046) D'Addario
XL110 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Light D'Addario
J-45 Pro Arte SP Norm D'Addario
SHR-72 Bass Nickle Half Round-- Regular D'Addario
SHR-71 Bass Nickle Half Round-- Soft D'Addario
SHR-70 Bass Nickle Half Round-- Extra Soft D'Addario
XL-220 Bass Nickle Round Wound-- Extra Soft D'Addario
XL-170 Bass Nickle Round Wound-- Soft D'Addario
XL-160 Bass Nickle Round Wound-- Regular D'Addario
XL130+ Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- X-Super Light (.0085-.039) D'Addario
J-46 Pro Arte SP Hard D'Addario
J-33 Clear Ball End D'Addario
J-32 Silver/ Black Ball End D'Addario
J-31 Classic Hard D'Addario
J-30 Classic Normal D'Addario
J-29 Classic Flamence D'Addario
J41 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- 12 Str. Extra Light (.009-.026) D'Addario
J11 Acoustic 80/20 Alloy-- Light (.012-.053) D'Addario
FRXL110 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Floyd Rose Light (.010-.046) D'Addario
J10 Acoustic 80/20 Alloy-- Extra light (.010-.047) D'Addario
J39 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- 12 Str. Medium (.020-.030) D'Addario
J12 Acoustic 80/20 Alloy-- Medium (.013-.056) D'Addario
J36 Acoustic 80/20 Alloy-- 12 String Light (.010-.027) D'Addario
J15 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- Extra Light D'Addario
J16 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- Light D'Addario
J19 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- Bluegrass (.012-.056) D'Addario
J18 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- Heavy D'Addario
J17 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- Medium D'Addario
J38 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze-- 12 Str. Light (.10-.027) D'Addario
FRXL120 Electric Nickle-Round Wound-- Floyd Rose Ex. Light (.009-.042) D'Addario
DJ16 Bacon 'N Eggs Mini Amp Distortion Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ15 Chicken Salad Vibrato Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ14 Fish and Chips 7-Band EQ Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ13 French Toast Octave Distortion Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ12 Chili Dog Octave Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ10 Grilled Cheese Distortion Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ1 Pastrami Overdrive Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ2 T-Bone Distortion Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ3 BLT Slap Echo Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ4 Corned Beef Reverb Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ5 Tuna Melt Tremolo Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ6 Pepperoni Phaser Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ7 Milk Shake Chorus Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ8 Hashbrowns Flanger Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ11 Guitar Tuner Pedal Danelectro
DA1 "NO HUM" AC Adapter Danelectro
HoneyTone HoneyTone The definitive small portable amp. Great clean or overdriven vintage sound. Louder than most mini amps. Real leather handle, belt clip, and headphone jack. Volume, tone and overdrive controls. Powered by 9 V battery (included). Danelectro
DJ9 Surf and Turf Compressor Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJ21 Black Coffee Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal Danelectro
DJC Dano Mini Case Tough, molded case holds 5 Dano Mini Pedals. Danelectro
Dan-Echo Dan Echo Cool vintage tape effects. The warmth of an all-tube echo with the convenience of a pedal. Hi-cut control cuts high frequencies on repeats. Studio quiet. Danelectro
Dan-O-Matic Dan O Matic Retro 50's era lighted meter guides you to the perfect tune. Choose mute or non mute output jacks. Foot switch activates tuning and cuts sound to mute output for silent tuning. Fully automatic, chromatic tuner. Danelectro




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